Never Leaving

December 14, 2006 at 1:22 pm (Uncategorized)

  Although a report came out this week stating that the US should leave Iraq, they will not leave any time soon. George W and his cronies will stay there a long time. They have not understood that it is time to cut their losses and run like hell.
    It is obvious that they will never win Iraq. I have written about it before and do not want to get to repetitive here but they should get out before more lives are lost on both sides. The Iraqi deaths will still keep happening whether the Americans are there or not.
  I read two interesting articles on the Iraq war/conflict last night. One article was about the Iraq Study Group report by James Baker and all that it implies. The other article was about the huge embassy(104 acres) that the US is building instead of helping the Iraqi people, no wonder they are not liked.
   The embassy that the US is building is proof that they are setting up for a really long time and that they are turning Baghdad into a major base  of operations, from which they will control the region and the oil, these guys are not leaving.

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