Dion Effect

December 6, 2006 at 8:12 am (Uncategorized)

     The Liberal Party Of Canada made a wise choice on the weekend by selecting  Stephane Dion as their new leader. The choice was surprising based on the polls that always seemed to place Mr Dion in fourth place but polls do not mean much during leadership conventions.
   The party selected the man with the most experience on the federal political scene as opposed to the other candidates that had little or no experience. The choice was very strategic I believe. It is a move in the right direction for the party since Mr Dion has always been viewed as a man of integrity, someone that stands by what he says.   

    Mr. Dion is also someone that stands for the environment. He was and is a believer in the Kyoto Accord and has been the minister of the environment.  The only issue with him is that he was not liked by the Quebec Liberal establishment but he has turned them around since Saturday and most have rallied behind him.
    Let us now hope that the rest of the country sees the vision of Mr Dion and makes the right choice  and gets rid of Mr Harper in the next election. The Harper government is just giving Canada a bad name  on the international scene and making a mockery of all that Canada stands for. It is time for Mr.Harper and buddies to go, they have been there long enough.

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