Word Play

November 29, 2006 at 8:53 am (Uncategorized)

  The Canadian parliament  passed a motion on Monday night declaring that Quebec is a nation within a united Canada.  Unbelievably this was a motion put forth by the Conservative party, because they knew that the Bloc Quebecois was going to declare a similar motion within a few days. 

    What does that really mean when they say that Quebec is a nation. Semantically speaking the word  nation can have many varied  interpretations and  implications. Declaring that Quebec is a nation is in effect equal to saying we declare Quebec is green, if we do not explain all that it implies.

  What does it mean then, that the Quebecois are culturally different than the rest of Canada, no kidding we all knew that. Does it mean that Quebec is a province, we are that already. Does having nations within nations make even make sense?
   Personally I think that this is another wrong move by the Harper government. Will this move unite Canada  more, I believe not. If anything this move will just confuse people and cause more political headaches.
  The motion was not clear, does not really state anything I believe. In a legal sense it means does not mean much, it is not a law, just a motion.
   All this semantic declaration in the house does is waste our tax dollars, and nothing more. In essence the Harper government just wants Quebecois votes, and in the process is causing national confusion, in the country, but which country, which nation, now.

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