Ongoing Civil Wars

November 29, 2006 at 12:16 pm (Uncategorized)

  What is going on in Iraq is now being called a civil war but some media outlets. It has been a civil war for some time now. The Bush administration does not like this term it seems. George W can not handle the truth it seems.

  We can no longer call this some sectarian violence, people are getting killed by the hundreds in Iraq some days, it is just outrageous. Obviously this is way more than just some violence here and there. It is calculated.

   I believe that this would not be going on if the US had minded their own business and not invaded Iraq based on false information in the first place. Right now the US is involved in a bloody mess, they should get out of there. Some will argue that the US should send more troops. With more or less troops, this is a civil war and it is not getting better. Whether or not the US is there will not change things at all, the civil war will get worse.

  On another civil war front, Canada has lost  2 more soldiers in Afghanistan this week. I have stated it before and will state it again, we should bring those troops back to Canada. Our soldiers in Afghanistan will not solve the issues that the country needs to resolve, there is lots of tribal and secular violence that needs to worked out there.

      The country is full of war lords and drug lords that are hold outs from the civil war and they are the ones pulling the strings and corrupting  everyone. This problem is an Afghani problem that in the end they hold the solution to, Canada’s involvement there will not change anything.

    In the end our presence will not even be noticed, it will be a footnote in history, like the past wars that Canada has participated in.

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