Crazy Like A Fox

November 16, 2006 at 10:12 am (Uncategorized)

   It is just unbelievable that after more than ten years of hunting  "the real killers" , O.J. Simpson will be bringing out a book and doing a TV show called , "If I did do it, Here’s how it happened". Both the book and TV show are getting done by Fox. You have to love that media convergence.

  I have always believed that Mr.Simpson got away with murder, due to a possible botched case and his manipulative legal dream team. His legal team was composed of a half dozen high priced lawyers who were capable of all kinds of court room antics. Who can ever forget his lawyer Johnnie Cochran and the "if it does not fit you must acquit" speech. His lawyers also managed to turn it into a huge racial issue as well and the prosecution basically messed up on the issue.

  Fox Television and its publishing subsidiary should be ashamed of themselves for turning murder into a trivial issue, aimed to sell books and get TV ratings. Where is the outrage in all this ? Since when did murder become such a non-issue ? It is sad what people will do to get attention this days. Both O.J. and Fox have lost their minds I think.


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