Power Shift

November 10, 2006 at 9:40 am (Uncategorized)

  A power shift has happened in the US, it is a good thing. One of the first signs that is a good thing, the war architect Donald Rumsfeld resigned. The democrats have taken control of the house after a twelve year absence. Let us all hope that good things come out of this.

     For real changes to happen it will require a lot of bipartisan politics, something that I am not sure George W is very good at, but he definitely needs to learn. For the last six years of his mandate all has been rubberstamped by his buddies in the congress and senate, so all these concessions will be tough.

  The democrats need to find a way to somehow declare victory in Iraq and get the hell out of Iraq before more lives and money gets wasted. I think that this should be their primary concern, as this is one of the main reasons they got elected, because Americans are fed up of this war/conflict.

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