A Vacation Memory

October 26, 2006 at 12:38 pm (Uncategorized)

    I decided to write an entry about a small town this morning. The town is called Mirabello Sannitico, it is located in the Molise region in southern Italy. This is the place where my ancestors are from, the town my father and his family left in 1952 to come to Canada. Piazza2ms_2 

   Like so many other small towns in Italy it is situated in one of the mounatin ranges that cut through the country. Mirabello is located in a deep valley surrounded by high hills. It is a special place with charming people, the perfect example of small town life. The photo above is of the town square(the piazza) , where the people gather to talk and have a coffee or drink at the small bar/cafe that is located there.

   I had been there a long time ago(back in 1988), so going to Italy this summer I felt that we just had to make a visit. I still have some distant family(cousins and a uncle of my dad) there, and it did not seem right to not stop by.

     My family was happy to see me again, after all these years.  My father and grandfather never had a chance to get back there, so in some strange way I took them there with me. The family in Mirabello had so many memories of my father and my grandfather that it is almost as if they were there with us in spirit.

  We did not stay a long time in Mirabello, only three days but it was lots of fun and we had some great local food­. We both brought back many fond memories of Mirabello with us and sometimes we find ourselves wondering what they are up to in that small town.

See links below for info and photos on Mirabello. Also see album Italia 1 at right.



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