Nork Nukes

October 19, 2006 at 9:37 am (Uncategorized)

   The always controversial Kim Jong Il is at it again. He is just getting everyone angry at him. Last week he did a nuclear test which apparently was successful. It was not the largest bomb, but nonetheless a bomb.  A nuclear weapon in the hands of someone that does not appear too stable is highly dangerous.
   I wonder if this nuclear weapon testing  by North Korea is not just to get a reaction. A way for North Korea to find out who its friends are. An interesting yet risky strategy  I believe. The UN is now looking at applying sanctions and Ms. Rice is doing the rounds to convince people.

    Today North Korea’ s buddies the Chinese went to see him and gave him a talking to, it seems. The Chinese have some clout at the UN and I hope that they gave him a serious talk. Someone needs to knock some sense into this guy.

    North Korea’s nuclear testing is also another failure of the US Administration I believe, the US is obsessed with terror and the Middle East that they just forgot about Kim Jong Il. Obsession is not a good thing for a superpower like the US, they should be looking at things globally.

See link below for a short bio of Mr Kim.

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