Name Follies

October 19, 2006 at 11:51 am (Uncategorized)

    Montreal has decided to change the name of a major avenue to honor an ex-premier(Mr. Robert Bourassa) who passed away ten years ago. I can not understand the need to change Park Ave/Ave du Parc in order to honor Mr.Bourassa. Another street could have been chosen and people could have been consulted I think.

     Mr.Bourassa was a good premier for Quebec and he deserves some honor I agree, but they could have chosen another street or some park I believe. Park Ave/Ave du Parc is Montreal. It is a part of Montreal, and closely associated with one of Montreal’s best known green spaces, Mount-Royal Park. A entire area of the city also became associated with the street, Park Extension.
   Even the family of the late premier wanted another street to honor him, boul. St.Joseph, but the city chose otherwise. The city went and took a unilateral decision that is certain not to make everyone happy.

Check out below link for info on Mount Royal Park.

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