Tumbling Down

October 4, 2006 at 1:15 pm (Uncategorized)

    Part of a highway overpass collapsed in Laval(north of Montreal) on the weekend, killing five people. A really sad Saturday in Laval, my thoughts to the families. What happened is the question now ?

    How is all the money we give in tax dollars being spent ? Is part of it not going into highway repair ? I think maybe more money should be spent making sure the highways we are using are in good shape as opposed to building new highways. Sure it is better politics to build new roads, makes for some real nice photo ops those new construction sites, but people died on the weekend. It is time to take some blame on this.

   A public commision has been put in place, I hope that they can get some answers as to what happened. Let us give the commision some time as well, before jumping to judgements and conclusions about it as the opposition in governement is doing. This morning the PQ party is claiming that the mandate of the commision is not wide enough, as it is only for the incident Saturday.

    We do not need some commision to tell us about the rest of the highways in the province, it is obvious to anyone that they are in bad shape. Let us spend the money on fixing the roads instead of commisions.

     Toll roads would also be a good solution I think. I was in Italy this summer where many of the major roadways are toll roads and they were in very good shape, could be part of a solution here as well. A solution is definitly needed before more lives are lost on our crumbling roads.

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