Righteous Right

October 4, 2006 at 8:43 am (Uncategorized)

     In the past week a scandal is affecting the good old Republican party in the US. A sex scandal involving a Congressman who was having a some email and IM relationships with some teenage boys. Some real nasty internet sex exchanges.

   This scandal is really not good timing since there are mid-term elections in about a month. The Republicans are trying real hard to put this fire out by serious spinning. The Congressman involved in the scandal has resigned, is now in alcohol rehab it seems, was probably molested by a clergyman, and he is gay.

   What next, he was kidnapped by aliens and they sent the messages to the teenage boys. The Republicans and their media supporters are so good at spin that it would not surprise me at all.

      They are so moral, that they can pull off anything it seems. I just hope that America realizes that the Republicans are smoke screening them again. Odds are that this will not happen, Mr Foley will repent, become a born again christian and they will forgive him.

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