The Intelligence Report

September 28, 2006 at 9:35 am (Uncategorized)

    A report by US intelligence agencies shows that the war in Iraq is just getting those Islamic extremists really angry. I am not surprised by this. It is another example of the foreign policy of the Bush administration failing.

   Mr Bush is afraid of this report and he does not want it to be released in full. It will show that his war on Iraq, is a complete failure. He does not want the public to know that because he is afraid of the mid-term elections and losing control of the congress, which would not be a good thing for him when he needs more war money.

       Speaking of war, I do not feel that the war in Iraq is a real war, because a war requires two parties and a threat by at least one party. The so-called Iraq war is just an invasion to gain a foothold in the region as I have stated before.

   The President of Pakistan(one of the war partners of Bush) in his new book also states that the war on Iraq has not made the world a safer place, it has made the world more dangerous he states. It is strange that the US has portrayed him as a staunch supporter of Bush, but how the truth is slowly coming out.

    These wars that the US is engaged in and into which it drags other countries(like Canada) are not a good thing. They are just a setup to have the US dominate the planet I believe.

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