Jack Is Back

September 26, 2006 at 9:22 am (Uncategorized)

  Our good friend Mr. Parizeau is back in Quebec politics. His wife Lisette Lapointe has announced that she will run for the PQ in a north end Montreal riding in the next election. Its seems like Jack is back.

    Sure she claims she will run the campaign but somehow I think that Mr. Parizeau will be pulling all the strings. I do not believe that the PQ party will get re-associated with Parizeau again. It is safe to assume that the militants are back in charge of the party. The militants helped Boisclair get elected and it is no secret that Mr. Parizeau and Ms. Lapointe were Boisclair supporters.

   The years just go by(almost eleven since Parizeau resigned) and things with the PQ just stay the same. It is just shocking how this party works. It seems like a cycle exists where the miltants just take over from time-to-time, run things thier way, and it is referendum time. Do we really need another referendum? Not really. This is just insane I think.

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