War On Terror Bullying

September 22, 2006 at 10:40 am (Uncategorized)

       Just checking out some news on the web this morning and came across this. I always wondered how the US got Pakistan on their side so quickly on the war on terror. I had always figured that it was some promises of financial assistance, but I was wrong it seems.

    Acccording to an interview that will be broadcast on Sixty Minutes this weekend, the US just threatened to bomb the crap out them. Some good old fashioned American arm twisting I guess, get on our side or we will destroy your country. How nice of them. I expect the US to deny all this today, and say that the Pakistanis got it wrong, miscommunication they will probably say.

    Is this the way to make friends on the world stage, through threats. I am sure that it does not make for great relations.

     Speaking of the war on terror, and friends, the President of Afghanistan is in Ottawa and he does not want to meet Jack Layton. Could the reason behind all this have to do with Jack Layton having called for our troops to come home from Afghanistan("Bravo Mr Layton"). My guess on the subject, yes it is entirely related.

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