Respected Journalist

September 20, 2006 at 2:55 pm (Uncategorized)

       Someone that gets referred to as a respected journalist wrote something outrageous on the weekend. Jan Wong from the Globe and Mail wrote an article on the weekend that linked the three school shootings that have happened in Montreal in the past seventeen years to the language laws in the province.  It is a serious stretch that she takes there, why not go further, and blame these acts of violence on our cold winters and how unstable people hate the cold.

   How can someone get away with writing such ridiculous crap, it does not make sense. Is it because she is well known that her editor does not even bother to read what she is writing. A newbie journalist would have been walked out the door by his editor or just gotten fired. When a journalist gets the r-word before her name, I guess it means straight to print, no one bothers to look.

   A while back I wrote a blog called yellow journalism, this is another perfect example, take an already sensational story and throw in an outrgaeous theory for good measure.


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