September 14, 2006 at 10:17 am (Uncategorized)

   Montreal is sad this morning, not just because of the rain, violence has touched our city again. Senseless violence, a violence that we can not explain. A shooting rampage happened at Dawson College yesterday that lead to two deaths(one student and the shooter), six critical injuries(let us hope they make it), and countless psychological wounds.

      The shooter is dead so we can never really know what was in his mind, what lead him to all this. Sure he posted some rantings on a goth website, but it will not tell us, who he really was. Without going into the blame game, we need to  listen to everyone involved in this before jumping to conclusions.

   One conclusion that is safe to jump to is that we need better gun control in this country, not an end to the gun registry as the present governement is proposing. Apparently his guns were registered, how the heck do you register a semi-automatic rifle, do you need it to hunt fast moving deer. We definitely need that gun control.

   Lessons need to be taken from this act of violence and we have to understand how we can prevent this violence from happening again. It is important to learn from this and to not just forget about it in a month.

  In closing I would like to say that my thoughts go out to all the victims of this meaningless violence.

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