Cola Wars

September 12, 2006 at 11:23 am (Uncategorized)

    I was just reading on some news websites that Coca-Cola has opened up a bottling plant in Afghanistan. I guess I was wrong all along, this is not a war on terror or for petrol, it is a cola war. The US Army and now NATO seem to be there to protect capitalism.

   I do not believe that after almost five years of this conflict they announce the opening of a bottling plant, as if it was some big deal. What is wrong with all these people or is it just me not getting it.

   Would the money(25 million) not be better spent on building a hospital, clinic, or a school. How much water will the bottling plant waste as well ? How much security will it need ? Will NATO have to provide the security ? I hope not.

  This is just another example of our twisted values in this messed up world. American capitalism is just marching into the country. Fast food restaurants can not be far behind, then we can send in the drug companies once they get health problems from the sugar in that stuff.

  What a waste of money all this is. Is this how we rebuild a country? The primary needs of the people should be taken care of first. I am sure that soft drinks are not a primary need. 

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