Senseless Deaths

September 6, 2006 at 8:25 am (Uncategorized)

      How many more sensless deaths are needed ? When will the Canadian sacrifice be over ? How many more soldiers must die ? In the past few days we have had five Canadian soldiers die in Afghanistan, one of those to friendly fire, how nice.

    I usually never agree with ideas put forth by the Bloc Quebecois, but I will agree with them this time, we need a debate on what the role of the Afghan mission is. I am sure that when this was voted on in parliament it was not to go to war with the Taliban. We need to discuss what our foriegn policy should be. I would like to hear that from PM Harper. I seroiusly believe that he is making up the policy on the fly, and that our position is just way too close to the US position.

  The policy that PM Harper is pushing now, is just basically US policy, the good and the evil, you are with us or against us. In matters of foreign policy it is not that clear cut, there are zones of grey. Someone should explain that to PM harper, it would be a good thing if he understood that.

   I believe that we need a real debate and that we should get our soldiers out of there before more of them die. It is sad to watch grieving soldiers carrying coffins onto planes. These images need to stop.


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