Fly Naked

August 11, 2006 at 1:53 pm (Uncategorized)

   Another terrorist plot was stopped yesterday, a very serious one implying commercial airliners, that would have caused alot of death. It involved up to ten airliners getting blown up, the reports say.
   When will all this insanity stop I ask myself, and is it even stoppable. Can we really stop fanatical extremists?? Sure the western nations can continue to fight wars in the Middle East, Iraq, and Afghanistan, but will this have any impact I wonder. We can fight the Taliban or continue the war in Iraq, but will all this put an end to these men that are willing to blow themselves up for the cause, the so-called holy war.
   These martyrs for the cause are basically some sort of suicidal maniacs I think, and it is always easy to find more of these. All it takes is some disillusioned young men and some religious brainwashing, and voila a new terrorist is made.
  Moderate Islam should try to find out what is wrong with these young men. Another thing that needs to be looked at is stopping the religious leaders that incite them to violence and murder in the name of Allah.
  In the meantime I think we will soon be obliged to fly naked in order to be somewhat certain that no explosives are being brought onto the airplanes.

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Rock Show in Ahuntsic

August 11, 2006 at 11:58 am (Uncategorized)

   Last night I went to see a show at the FestiBlues International at Parc Ahuntsic in the north end of Montreal. It is festivals and shows like this that make summer in Montreal so special I find. It was a little chilly in the park but the music was hot.

    The performer last night was Robert Charlebois, an icon of Quebecois music. He is all styles, blues being one of them, his music covers all the ranges. Mr. Charlebois or Robert, as Quebecers affectionately call him, played alot of his greatest hits. He has been a part of the Quebec music scene since the late sixties, and he still puts on a great show.

  It was a really good show and there will be others at the FestiBlues on the weekend. For more information on the festival and Monsieur Charlebois, see the links below.



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Nature at Grandes-Piles

August 9, 2006 at 3:02 pm (Uncategorized)

    This past weekend I was in the Mauricie region of Quebec. To be more specific we stayed two nights at Grandes-Piles, a really small charming town, of about four hundred people. The town is located on the hill going down towards the St. Maurice river.

     The views of the river and the surrounding mountains just take your breath away, there are really no words to describe it. The views must be just as great in the fall with all the colours and during the winter, we plan to go back to check them out.

   Grandes-Piles is an old lumberjack town, that has repositioned itself towards tourism, and it is doing a really good job at converting towards tourism.

   For more information and some photos(we forgot our camera), see the link to the town’s website below.

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A Thousand Dead

August 9, 2006 at 10:13 am (Uncategorized)

  One thousand people have been killed in Lebanon so far. It has been close to a month now that this conflict has started and there appears to be no end in site. There was some talk about putting a cease-fire in place on the weekend, but that seems to have failed as well.

   As the UN and the people involved with the cease-fire plan argue about the semantics of it all, more blood is shed every day in Lebanon, and more of the country is destroyed.

    This seems to be turning into another forgotten conflict where people will just keep on dying everyday. A sure sign of this is, that the major news medias are just pulling the story off the front pages and even getting their top reporters out of the areas. This is becoming a non-story now, not drawing enough ratings I guess.   

   How many more bodies are needed in order for this conflict to end ? The real question is can the conflict really end. The leader of the Hezbollah is getting turned into a hero by the extremists in the Muslim world. That is definitely not a good thing.      

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Conservative Policy Part Two

August 4, 2006 at 6:30 pm (Uncategorized)

     Our PM Harper says that he believes that he has the support of Canadians. He will govern by principles not polls he stated earlier today. The polls mean nothing to him I guess, it is not election time, so he does not care for them. Does he remember that he has a minority governement and that the polls should mean something to him if wants a majority and to get re-elected.

    Is it responsible of a government to make policy without a care for public opinion, it appears that our PM believes so. One can argue that they were elected and represent us all, but it is not a majority government and the polls show otherwise(concerning the current crisis in the Middle East).

   What truly worries me is that we are getting pulled into the politics of fear of our neighbors down south and that this is becoming the policy. I listen to PM Harper and just hear echoes of GWB and it scares me. This PM did not even seem to show empathy yesterday concerning the deaths of the four soldiers. He just repeated the same old rhetoric about the mission, that it must go on.

  What happened to Canada the neutral, the peaceful nation. I will finish this post similar to one of yesterday, these are sad days for Canada.

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Update to Stormy Weather

August 3, 2006 at 5:00 pm (Uncategorized)

  On the Afghan part of the previous post, the number of soldiers killed for today is now four. Yes, four. Anyone who thinks we are there for some glorious mission, has it all wrong I think. Young men and women are just dying there fighting some so called war on terror. Whose war on terror is the question. Mr Harper should bring our soldiers back home.

   This is truly a sad day for Canada.

Everyone should write to the PM about it. See link below.

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Celebs Gone Wild

August 3, 2006 at 1:02 pm (Uncategorized)

  What is up with these celebrities lately.  This year seems to have been a banner year for celebrity breakdowns. Who can forget Tom Cruise, just jumping up on the couch on the Oprah show, real bizarre stuff.

    The latest celebrity breakdown making the news this week is, Mel Gibson. He parties too much with some girls in a bar, gets way drunk, over the legal limit, gets pulled over, and then goes into some anti-semitic tirade. What is up with this guy, I think he has some hidden religious issues.

   The problem, first and foremost is that these celebrities, make way too much money and party a bit much. This is a definitely a dangerous combo. To put a stop to the party issues, half the celebrities are in some sort of rehab, one of the following, take your pick, drugs or booze.

  Someone has to tell these celebrities to get a grip on it, it is getting too zany out there in them hills and beaches around Los Angeles. The sun is definitely toasting their neurons a bit much I believe.

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Out With Outgames

August 3, 2006 at 11:23 am (Uncategorized)

   The first Outgames are happening this week in Montreal. The Outgames is a sort of Gay Olympics, for those not in the know. I do not understand why these are neccesary.

   I believe that by having special sporting events just for gays and lesbians, we are just pushing them further into a ghetto mentality. I will agree that it is not easy for gays in sports but is it not better to part of the masses, than being in the minority, having their own sporting events.

   Based on this justification, all minorities should have their own special events. As a buddy of mine was saying , they are having major minority issues.


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Stormy Weather

August 3, 2006 at 8:45 am (Uncategorized)

  Stormy weather on all fronts these days. Here in Montreal, it is just thunder. lightning, and lots of rain, but the rest of the world is a real mess lately. As I stated in a previous post, it is just war news, all over the place.

    I am really not sure what is happening these days, but lately it is just bad news, no improvements anywhere.  Things are just the same, people just getting killed all over the place. On the three main fronts it is just the same old depressing news.

   The Israel-Hezbollah conflict just keeps going on. No end seems in sight there at all.  They can not agree on a cease fire or what type of end this conflict should have. Israel stopped bombing for a few days, after having killed a bunch of innocent people in Qana, but now they are back at it full force.

   Back in old Afghanistan another Canadian soldier has died. We are up to twenty soldiers dead there now, a nice even number, let us get those soldiers back here. Some people have argued with me on my point of view on this, but I still do not get. People say we are there for the mission, but I am not clear on what that is. Afghan has been democratic for a few years now I think, let them worry about the rest of the Taliban, why are Canadian soldiers still getting killed there.

  As for Iraq, that is just turning into a civil war, with the Shiites and Sunnis just blowing the heck out of each other, with car bombs. Also in there for good measure, we have some US soldiers just killing Iraqis from time-to-time.

   I will conclude by saying that we are very lucky here, to have just some stormy weather. The only thing dropping on our heads is rain. I spoke to an Afghani in Montreal a few weeks ago during a rain storm, he said that the rain was better than getting bombed, all is relative I guess.

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