Yellow Journalism

August 31, 2006 at 1:13 pm (Uncategorized)

     Are all the gory details really neccesary to sell a story, to sell a paper, to get viewers, that is the question I am pondering today. A public figure(an MP) died in Montreal a few days ago and one of the news outlets in Quebec went as far as to speak about calls made to 911 concerning his death, on the evening news last night .

   The media corporation that owns this TV station is Quebecor Media, they specialize in yellow journalism  and media convergence in Quebec. They are the type of media that give journalists a bad name. I do not agree with discussing(or broadcasting) of 911 recordings. Sure he was a public figure, but does becoming a public figure mean you no longer have any privacy left, not even in death.

     It is not just his privacy but that of his family as well that was destroyed last night. Does the journalist (Claude Poirier) that broke this story sleep well at night, I wonder about that.

  People should just boycott Quebecor Media and maybe they will stop this yellow journalism. To identify what they own and what to boycott, check for their logo which they love to place everywhere.

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