Politics of Fear

August 31, 2006 at 12:13 pm (Uncategorized)

    The GW Bush propaganda machine is getting into high gear it seems.  I was just on some new sites reading that he will start making speeches today stressing the importance of the war on terror for the next few weeks, leading up to his speech before the UN on September 19th. Mr Bush is playing his all too familiar politics of fear card again.

     The point of all this is to get popular support for the war in Iraq, help him with mid-term elections, and to prepare everyone for the next war I believe. I am not certain that there really is a war in Iraq, they claimed victory in April 2003. What is basically going on in Iraq is sectarian violence and a civil war, and GWB wants US soldiers to control it, he states. I think Mr Bush really just wants to keep soldiers in the area, in preparation for the next war, the possible invasion of Iran.

  Iran has stated today that it will defy the demand by the UN and continue to explore nuclear technology and GWB will not be happy with that. Every country I beleive is sovereign and has a right to develop technologies that they choose, and it does not mean that they will use these technologies for evil. Dialogue is the key to making sure that other countries will not blow us up, not dictating law.

    GWB and his politics of fear believe otherwise. They preach fear and that there is always an ongoing fight on terrorism. This same rhetoric worked to go into Iraq and that is what worries me. I seriously hope that someone will stop GWB from going into Iran because we are headed there I think.

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