A Long Recovery

August 25, 2006 at 12:21 pm (Uncategorized)

      The fragile peace holds in the Middle East but Lebanon has been left in a shambles. It will take years for the country to recover from this war and that is just hoping that the peace holds.  The biggest recovery will be to get rid off those unexploded cluster bombs and to clean up the environmental disaster.

    Cluster bombs according to many war time conventions are ilegal to use in civilian areas. Israel obviously did not read those directives. The countryside is just littered with them. These are some really old cluster bombs as well, some of them are from the Vietnam war. It is not just the bombs, but also the mines left everywhere as well it seems. This will take a really long time to clean up and lives will definitely be lost before they are all gone.

  The other big disaster is the environmental one along the Lebanese coast line and in the sea. In the first week of the conflict, oil reservoirs were bombed close to the coast. Fifteen thousand tons of oil were spilled into the sea after the bombing of the reservoirs, that is just insane. Someone needs to do something and quick on this situation.

     I think people are starting the clean up, but they are underway a bit late. The problem is also that no one was able to do anything for three weeks due to the war and the oil has started to deposit on the seabed as well. The dangers to the environment are just incredible.

    What is real sad about all this,  is that no one will take responsibility again and Lebanon gets stuck with huge problems. Israel will get away with it and maybe just get a little slap on the wrist for the cluster bombs. Lebanon will be left with bomb and environmental problems for years.

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