Flirting With Terrorists

August 22, 2006 at 8:44 am (Uncategorized)

     I do not believe what Canadian politicians are going around stating these days. It does just not make sense anymore. Obviously these people have not heard about reflecting before saying things.

   As I have stated before on this blog,  I still believe that the attacks by Israel were a bit over the top(not a measured response) and that Canada should have stayed more neutral, but the Hezbollah is a terrorist group. Sure the politicians in question(MP Mourani, MP Nash, and MP  Wrzesnewskyj) were moved by the destruction that they saw, but they must not forget that the Hezbollah are terrorists.

   The Hezbollah bomb civil areas, stockpile missiles, and kidnap soldiers. They are definitely not boy scouts or choir boys. It is true that at the same time they do some charitable work and also are a political party in Lebanon, but this is how they get some credibility with the people.  This is in effect some sort of a Hezbollah marketing plan to get popular support.

  It would not be a bad thing to talk with the Hezbollah but before speaking with them, the Hezbollah has to make some changes to its game plan(ideology). One of the main things that needs to be changed is that statement that they want to destroy Israel and the all Jewish people.

  Come on politicians, please think before you speak. MP  Wrzesnewskyj has made some corrections to what he said and he says that his views were misrepresented but is too late now. A group like the Hezbollah will spin what he said initially their way, therein lies the dangers of not reflecting before making a statement.

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