A Thousand Dead

August 9, 2006 at 10:13 am (Uncategorized)

  One thousand people have been killed in Lebanon so far. It has been close to a month now that this conflict has started and there appears to be no end in site. There was some talk about putting a cease-fire in place on the weekend, but that seems to have failed as well.

   As the UN and the people involved with the cease-fire plan argue about the semantics of it all, more blood is shed every day in Lebanon, and more of the country is destroyed.

    This seems to be turning into another forgotten conflict where people will just keep on dying everyday. A sure sign of this is, that the major news medias are just pulling the story off the front pages and even getting their top reporters out of the areas. This is becoming a non-story now, not drawing enough ratings I guess.   

   How many more bodies are needed in order for this conflict to end ? The real question is can the conflict really end. The leader of the Hezbollah is getting turned into a hero by the extremists in the Muslim world. That is definitely not a good thing.      

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