Conservative Policy Part Two

August 4, 2006 at 6:30 pm (Uncategorized)

     Our PM Harper says that he believes that he has the support of Canadians. He will govern by principles not polls he stated earlier today. The polls mean nothing to him I guess, it is not election time, so he does not care for them. Does he remember that he has a minority governement and that the polls should mean something to him if wants a majority and to get re-elected.

    Is it responsible of a government to make policy without a care for public opinion, it appears that our PM believes so. One can argue that they were elected and represent us all, but it is not a majority government and the polls show otherwise(concerning the current crisis in the Middle East).

   What truly worries me is that we are getting pulled into the politics of fear of our neighbors down south and that this is becoming the policy. I listen to PM Harper and just hear echoes of GWB and it scares me. This PM did not even seem to show empathy yesterday concerning the deaths of the four soldiers. He just repeated the same old rhetoric about the mission, that it must go on.

  What happened to Canada the neutral, the peaceful nation. I will finish this post similar to one of yesterday, these are sad days for Canada.

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