Stormy Weather

August 3, 2006 at 8:45 am (Uncategorized)

  Stormy weather on all fronts these days. Here in Montreal, it is just thunder. lightning, and lots of rain, but the rest of the world is a real mess lately. As I stated in a previous post, it is just war news, all over the place.

    I am really not sure what is happening these days, but lately it is just bad news, no improvements anywhere.  Things are just the same, people just getting killed all over the place. On the three main fronts it is just the same old depressing news.

   The Israel-Hezbollah conflict just keeps going on. No end seems in sight there at all.  They can not agree on a cease fire or what type of end this conflict should have. Israel stopped bombing for a few days, after having killed a bunch of innocent people in Qana, but now they are back at it full force.

   Back in old Afghanistan another Canadian soldier has died. We are up to twenty soldiers dead there now, a nice even number, let us get those soldiers back here. Some people have argued with me on my point of view on this, but I still do not get. People say we are there for the mission, but I am not clear on what that is. Afghan has been democratic for a few years now I think, let them worry about the rest of the Taliban, why are Canadian soldiers still getting killed there.

  As for Iraq, that is just turning into a civil war, with the Shiites and Sunnis just blowing the heck out of each other, with car bombs. Also in there for good measure, we have some US soldiers just killing Iraqis from time-to-time.

   I will conclude by saying that we are very lucky here, to have just some stormy weather. The only thing dropping on our heads is rain. I spoke to an Afghani in Montreal a few weeks ago during a rain storm, he said that the rain was better than getting bombed, all is relative I guess.

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