Celebs Gone Wild

August 3, 2006 at 1:02 pm (Uncategorized)

  What is up with these celebrities lately.  This year seems to have been a banner year for celebrity breakdowns. Who can forget Tom Cruise, just jumping up on the couch on the Oprah show, real bizarre stuff.

    The latest celebrity breakdown making the news this week is, Mel Gibson. He parties too much with some girls in a bar, gets way drunk, over the legal limit, gets pulled over, and then goes into some anti-semitic tirade. What is up with this guy, I think he has some hidden religious issues.

   The problem, first and foremost is that these celebrities, make way too much money and party a bit much. This is a definitely a dangerous combo. To put a stop to the party issues, half the celebrities are in some sort of rehab, one of the following, take your pick, drugs or booze.

  Someone has to tell these celebrities to get a grip on it, it is getting too zany out there in them hills and beaches around Los Angeles. The sun is definitely toasting their neurons a bit much I believe.

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