Getting Out of Hand

July 26, 2006 at 11:58 am (Uncategorized)

  Four members of the United Nations died yesterday when their post was hit by Israel in the Israeli-Hezbollah war(let us call it for what it is, I think conflict is out). The post was not a secret post, and the Israelis were warned to watch out for it, but nonetheless the post was hit and people were killed.

   What is going on I wonder in this war, was this just a message to the United Nations to just stay out. Was the attack on the UN a subtle warning to the UN to just mind their own business, and let us just destroy the Hezbollah and Lebanon in the process. 

   The talks in Rome have also failed this morning as well, that was a real quick failure. No one can agree on a ceasefire, or on a way to stop all this.

   As I said in an earlier post, someone has to try to find a solution to this folly, before the whole region falls into this war.


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