Chasing Karla

July 26, 2006 at 12:44 pm (Uncategorized)

    So after a year some reporter tracked down Karla Homolka. He has been spying on her for close to six months and yesterday he finally confronted her. She has nothing to say apparently. I am guessing she will move now, that a journalist knows where she lives.

  I am not defending Karla here but I do not understand the chase for Karla. She is definitely not  a good person, and as guilty as Paul Bernardo in all this. What is the point of chasing her around other than some journalistic thrill. If she moves which is likely will he chase her there as well. I think everyone knows who she is and she can not get away with much.

   The courts made a really bad deal with her and after twelve years she is out free as a bird they say. She did her time, what can we really do with her now.  No one really wants her in their neighborhood, but we can not make her move to some other country.

  The time to do something was when this deal was made with her. The justice system at times is too quick to make deals, and does not always make the best ones.

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