New Buddies

July 7, 2006 at 1:15 pm (Uncategorized)

    PM Harper was in Washington yesterday visiting his new best friend George W and, I for one am not happy about it.

  Our policy is getting too close to American policy and we are slowly giving up our Canadian values to become more like the US. This is not a good thing for Canada, we are becoming too conservative.
  I would rather have a PM that gets the cold shoulder from the US, because we are not like them, as opposed to one that gets helicopter rides with Mr. Bush.
  Someone should remind Mr.Harper that he is governing Canada, and that we do not want to become a US state. We do not want to governed by the conservative politics of fear that the US Prez is selling. Mr Bush actually said yesterday that maybe North Korea is aiming to attack Canada. These are just Mr Bush`s scare tactics.
   I am not sure, that all Canadians want to be best buddies with the US administration. Mr Harper should remember that he has a minority government and reflect on his decisions, concerning who his friends are.

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