Just Bull

July 7, 2006 at 1:04 pm (Uncategorized)

    The San Firmin festival has started in Pamplona, Spain, and so far one person appears to have been paralyzed but getting trampled by a bull. It is only day one and there is about a week left to the festivies and folly.
    People just party/drink all night and then in the morning they try to run as fast as they can in front of some suprisingly fast and angry bulls. Most years lots of people get gored by the bulls, and some people have died over the years, the last in 1995.
  Sure their is the thrill and the andrenaline of it all, but I can still not understand it. I guess some people need extreme thrills. I happened to read the book by Hemingway called the Sun Also Rises that is set around the festival, but still I do not feel the urge, to run in front of a few tons of angry bulls.
     The things that people will do for thrills, especially when they are a bit drunk never cease to amaze me.

For more info on the festival, see link below.


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