Instant Stardom

June 9, 2006 at 9:51 am (Uncategorized)

  Anybody can become a star these days on the internet. It is just insane what kind of stuff is out there.

   All you need is a cheap webcam, and you too can make a video and be a star on the worldwide web. It is unreal and mindboggling the stuff that is out there. One of the most popular sites is called and their motto is broadcast yourself.

   Many people decide to do it and what they put out there is really bad music videos(how many  "numa numa" videos do we need),dancing videos, and  tons of strange stuff that they are doing.

     If you check this morning, there is guy doing a monkey chow diet, he is on day 5. Why the hell would you eat monkey food and keep a video diary on the internet. I guess the answer is because you can , and if you can broadcast to the world, why not put it on the web.


For an example of what I am talking about see below.

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