June 2, 2006 at 1:15 pm (Uncategorized)

   So, it has been a freaky weather week to say the least. We had some nasty thunder and lightning shows in the middle of the week and the middle of the night at times. It is barely June, this worries me a little bit.

     I have stated before on this blog, and will do so again, there is something a little messed up with our weather.  There is definitely something wrong with our climate, I am convinced of that. The scientists are saying it, but no one in the government is listening. Mr Harper is definitely not hearing anything.

   Mr Harper has no interest in doing anything about Kyoto. He will not support the Kyoto accord or put what it implies into action.  I heard a news report that thirty percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in Canada are produced by Alberta, and that this number will rise, as they start to increase production on getting oil out of the tar sands. This is all related to Harper, because all his buddies that helped him get elected in Alberta, would have to spend money to reduce these gases and they would not be happy with him at all.

  We should all them Mr Harper to do something about Kyoto, instead of adding SUVs on his security detail. Everyone should take a minute and send him an e-mail, telling him to respect Kyoto.

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