Messages From a Cave

May 24, 2006 at 11:12 am (Uncategorized)

   OK, how does he do it. By he, I mean Bin, that cave dwelling Bin Laden. He is somewhere hiding in a cave and still managing to send messages to websites and audio tapes usually to the Aljazeera Arab news network.

    This guy has been hiding in some cave in the mountains along the  Pakistan/Afghanistan border area for close to five years now, but he seems well connected. He must have a really good donkey express that picks up those tapes of his.

   If I recall correctly they bombed the heck out of that region for a few years and checked many caves but they never found the guy. Sometimes I wonder if they let the guy get away on purpose, because having Bin Laden on the run justifies the war on terror.

  As long as the head terrorist is on the run you can keep bombing Afghanistan and Iraq saying that all is linked and that we have to keep fighting terrorism. It is especially convincing if the guy keeps sending tapes. To further speculate on my conspiracy theories maybe they have captured Bin Laden and have him make tapes from time-to-time. All is possible, who knows.

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