No One Dies

April 25, 2006 at 9:51 am (Uncategorized)

  What is the government trying to pull on us now. Is it some sort of magic trick or some type of existentialist theory. On the morning news they were just saying that the media is to be barred from covering the repatriation of Canadian soldiers’ remains.

     I guess what the governement is saying to us, is that if  no one sees the bodies, no one really dies. It appears to me that they want to affect Canadian public opinion about the war/conflict control mission in Afghanistan. It does not look good having coffins draped in flags on the evening newscasts. It would probably get Canadians upset while they are having supper.

  What is interesting is that the Bush Administration pulled the same move in the US a few years ago. It worked for a period of time and then they had to release the photos.

      It seems that we are getting more in line with the Americans since the Harper government is in power. I am into conspiracy theories and I seriously believe that the US right helped Harper get elected and that he owes them something. One of the things he owes them is getting the war accepted here in Canada and he knows that seeing soldiers in coffins on the evening news will not help the cause.

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