Highway Robbery

April 11, 2006 at 10:58 am (Uncategorized)

  Summer will be here in a few months, and it is time to get ready for highway robbery. We are in April and prices are already one dollar and ten cents for gasoline. I am scared to think what they will hit in the summer.

  My best prediction is at least fifty to sixty cents more. What is shocking about all this is that the big petrol companies claim that it is not their fault. They say the government makes all the money, it is the taxes they say. How can that be true and how can they be making huge profits at the same time. Something in not right here.

   What also gets me angry about all this is that an oil rich part of Canada(Alberta) does not pay as much as we do, they are always paying at least ten to fifteen percent less. Sure the oil is there and all that, but why is the rest of the country not benefitting at all from this. Alberta sits on the second largest oil reserve in the world(only Saudi Arabia beats them).

   While we are on the subject of oil, why the heck are we so dependent on it. I am certian that there are more energy effecient and less pollutent fuel sources there, but these are just squashed like a bug. The lobby that makes sure oil is king, is just too strong. A whole bunch of money gets made somewhere.

   Until we start pushing our politicians to make the environment a priority and get them working on other fuel solutions, get ready for high gas prices.


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