Forty Something Soccer

March 22, 2006 at 10:53 am (Uncategorized)

  About ten weeks ago I started playing Sunday night indoor soccer with my buddies, it has been an adventure so far. We decided that it was time to get some exercise at our age especially in winter when we tend to just become lazy.

    The first night was tough for all of us I think. We started using muscles that had not been used in a while. Fifteen minutes into playing four of us were limping on the court. There were eight of us playing, that is not a good percentage. One of the guys said that we looked like Napoleon`s men coming back from Russia. It was so funny but true.

   I think we all thought that we were twenty again, and that stretching was not important. By week two we realized that it was. I try to be active and even get to the gym once or twice a week, but kicking a soccer ball is a whole different ball game as they say. The stretching has helped alot I think, as has the playing. We have fewer injuries at the end of the game.

  Week three still had some injuries. I think that was the week I cried myself to sleep. I seriously overplayed a kick and pulled a quadracep muscle in a bad way. I am exagerrating a bit on the crying part, it was more like a soft whimper. Good old Advil helped me to sleep that night.

  For a few weeks a younger guy joined us. He was almost half our age. He came for about 4-5 weeks but I have not seen him lately. I think that we were way out of his league.

  In the past few weeks we lost a player. He is on medical leave, for at least four weeks. He seems to have seriously pulled some muscles. Rumor has it that it may be the Soprano muscle(The Sopranos are on at the same time as our soccer matches).

     It has been a little over two months now, we seem to be getting better. We are not becoming soccer stars but it is definitely improving. Everyone tries their hardest I think. I have never been much of an athlete but I try my best. I have developed some ball control I think. It is important to just get moving and have some fun, with some good buddies.

  PS: This one is for you Kaz !!

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