March 16, 2006 at 12:15 pm (Uncategorized)

  The Iraq war will be three years on the weekend. What purpose has it served, and where is all this going. It all began based on false information and is still ongoing three years later, with no end in sight.

    They never found any weapons of mass destruction or any proof that Saddam was in cahoots with Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, yet the war persists. Calling it a war may not be the right term I think, beacuse a war implies that you have an opponent. Baghdad fell in approximately three weeks so I guess at that point it stopped being a war and became a military occupation.

   An occupation with high costs. High costs in a monetary sense and also human life. Many lives have been lost in Iraq, close to 2300 US Soldiers, about 300 coalition soldiers, and close to 35 000 Iraqis.

   Was it neccesary to have all these people die to protect our petrol suppy. I still beleive that is the main reason they are there. The other main reason is to get a s good control on the Middle East.  Sure they also went in to kick out Saddam, he was bad news. They went to kick out the monster that they helped create.  He was a good buddy of the US during the Iran-Iraq war back in the eighties. 

    On this three year anniversary I think that they should get out of there before they really start to get everyone very angry at them. No country or people like to be oocupied, whatever the so called reasons for doing it.  What worries me is where will they go next, Iran or some other country that they consider an axis of evil. A very dangerous precedent was created when the Americans went into Iraq.

For more information on this unjust war take a look at this site–>> .


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