March 3, 2006 at 9:12 am (Uncategorized)

  Another day, another attack on Canadian troops in Kandahar. A soldier died yesterday and one is critical today.  Why are we there is my question. Why are young Canadians, getting killed in Afghanistan.

   We are there to rebuild Afghanistan is the official line. Rebuild it from what exactly. They say it is from the destruction of the country caused by the Taliban. It is true that the Taliban sent the country back to the middle ages almost, and that they were a safe harbour for terrorists.

  The Americans went there in 2001 and blasted up most of the country and got rid of the Taliban. Got rid of is a strong statement, because the Taliban is still alive and kicking(esp. in Kandahar area). The Taliban is taking responsibilty for the attacks of the last two days.

   So was the Taliban really taken care of, I think not. I do not believe that the goal at the time was to get rid of the Taliban, but it was the elusive search for Bin Laden.

   I seriously believe that the Canadians should get out of there, before more lives are lost in conflicts that do not really concern us at all.  We are just getting caught up in traps set up by the Americans cause we are part of NATO.


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