Media Gone Wild

February 24, 2006 at 11:27 am (Uncategorized)

  Media covergence in Quebec is getting out of hand. One of the biggest experts at this is Quebecor Media controlled by the Peladeau family. They are really overdoing it lately. Their logo is just everywhere these days, it is insane.
   Quebecor started out as a newspaper publisher some 40 years ago. It was not a great paper but it appealed to the masses. The paper was never quality journalism, mostly sensationalist crap and sports.
    Then they got bigger in the last ten years. First they bought some trashy checkout counter magazines. A few years later,they bought the largest cable TV/internet company in the province(Videotron) , and in the same deal picked up the largest TV network as well(TVA).
  Once all this was complete, the convergence/synergy got in action. The magazines/papers promote the TV shows, the commercials during shows are for the print media, and all of it is promoted on their related internet sites.
  All this cross promotional stuff gets really bad when StarAcademie(The Quebec version of American Idol) is on the TV. That is when the convergence goes into hypermode. All their media, promotes the show, it is absurd. They do it so well, that suddenly it is top news everywhere. Once the show is over , they make  the record album, and they plug those as well, since they also own one of the largest record distributors in QC (Archambault) as well.
  Obviously the powers that be, could not and will not stop their buying spree/convergence. Their reach is even in Ontario now, via Sun Media. I believe the reasons no one stops Quebecor is that they have alot of political clout. For more information all this insane convergence and what they own, check out their website  at ,

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