Rain Rain / Global Warming

October 14, 2005 at 9:30 am (Uncategorized)

   Rain again today. It has been raining for about 8 days now. The rain started after our abnormally warm weather. I am located in Montreal, it is usually not 26 degrees Celsius in the first week of October.

  Something is definitely up I tell you. How can everyone ignore global warming after the year of disasters that we have been having. The year that began with the tsunami in South East Asia, the hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and now the earthquake in Asia. Obviously something is wrong somewhere. I for one, definitely believe it is global warming. Especially in the case of hurricane formations. it is a known fact that the higher temperatures in the ocean will cause stronger hurricanes.

  Everyone mentions global warming, but no one really takes it seriously. Big governements are really not doing much about it. One of the largest governments in the world(USA) , still refuses to sign the Kyoto Accord. The Bush administration did not even say something like, maybe we should sign that thing, during the disasters in the Southern US. Let us be frank, here, the Americans drive big cars/SUVS and are also huge polluters. When the world’s superpower (The United States) will not take a stance on the issue, how do we expect other countries to react.

  Everyone needs to do something, when big governments will not take responsiibility. It is up to us to make changes. One of the biggest changes is automobiles. We should try to buy smaller cars, or at least gas effecient cars. I am shocked by the number of SUVs that I see in the city. I can not believe that an SUV is a neccesity, other than being some sort of huge status symbol.

  We all need to wake up on the issue. Sure it is great when it is 26 celsius in October , but it is definitely not normal.


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